Support the Randalls

MIKEMike Randall, a local guy, is married with 2 kids at school and loves cycling. He was made redundant a couple of years ago. After 18 months without work Michael regained employment 10 months ago.

Last week Mike suffered a series of strokes during a mountain bike race, and more after arriving at Wollongong hospital. There he has undergone surgery to relieve pressure in his skull and is now in a stable condition, however he has suffered right side paralysis and is unable to speak.

His rehabilitation will be long and there is no certainty that he will regain full use of his body or speech. It is uncertain whether he will work again. Mike, his wife and two children need the support of a caring community to get them through the next 12 months and we believe that is just what Wollongong is.

How is Mike Now?

Mike is making improved progress but initial rehabilitation could take 12 months as he has no movement in his right arm, little movement in his right leg and very limited speech. Due to this, the Randalls face the following immediate challenges: the work that had taken him 18mths to find is being terminated; Mike will be spending time in a rehab hospital; Victoria will be cutting back to part time work to be Mike’s carer.

How can you help?

The Randall family have day-to-day needs: meals; groceries; petrol; bills, including mortgage repayments, medical bills, insurances, council rates etc. The future also holds many changes for the Randall family as they make the necessary adjustments to eventually have Mike back at home.

A Bank Account has been opened for donations for the Randall family. This account is being overseenby a committee of church members and others from the wider community to make sure the funds are used in the best possible manner – supporting both their ongoing expenses and bulk expenses to come. You can make a donation to that account right now – and fundraising efforts will be coming in the future.