Jesus & The Old Testament

Is the OT like an old street map – useless or even misleading?

Christians share the Old Testament scriptures with two other religious people, Jews and Moslems. So is there anything distinctive about the Christian view of the Old Testament?

Also, since we have a NEW Testament, what do Christians do with the OLD one? Is the Old Testament like an old street directory? It was accurate once, it served people well once, but things have changed. If you used a twenty-year-old street directory in the city of Sydney today, it would send you the wrong way up one-way streets and fail to show you a dozen freeways, overpasses and bridges. An old street directory is worse than useless, it is misleading. Is that how Christians view the Old Testament?

Jesus speaks against any view that sees the Old Testament as old hat, irrelevant or only of interest to archaeologists and historians. In one sentence Jesus claims a remarkable uniqueness in the light of other religions, and speaks the strongest possible affirmation of the Old Testament…

“Don’t think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them.” Matthew 5:17

Jesus full-fills OT expectation and the OT fills out our knowledge of Christ
Gen. 3:14-15 Waiting for the Crusher: the One who will crush the serpent’s head despite being bitten on the heel
Gen.12:1-3 Waiting for the One born in the land,born a descendant of Abram, born to bless people of every nation of the world
Exod. 12:1-13 They thought they needed to remember so they wouldn’t forget. But they needed to remember the Passover Lamb so that they would recognise Him when He came
Deut. 18:14-19 Waiting for the Prophet like Moses: the One who would speak from God to His people
2 Sam.7:11-13 Waiting for the King, the Son of David, who will rule forever
Hosea 2:14-20 Waiting for the Husband who woos back His unfaithful wife
Joel 2:28-32 Waiting for the Husband who woos back His unfaithful wifeWaiting for the One who baptises with the Holy Spirit