Grow Groups

God’s design for us is that we grow more like Jesus in faith, hope & love. God’s food for growth is his life-changing Word and while we also eat alone, some of the best meals are enjoyed around the kitchen table of Christian community.

At our midweek GROW GROUPS, we feed on God’s Word together which prepares us to step confidently into the messiness of life during the rest of the week.

EDGE Yrs 6 to 10

David & Amanda – Sun Morning

GLOW – Young Women

Ro – Wed Night

Young Men’s Group

Jono & Josh – Tues Night

Women’s Groups

Elissa – Mon Day

Corinne – Tues Night

Janet – Thurs Morning

Karen – 2nd & 4th Thurs Night

Men’s Group

Peter – Tues Night

Senior’s Group

Gillian – Mon Morning

Mixed Groups

David & Gillian – Tues Night

John & Molly – Tues Night

Graeme S & Margaret B. – Tues Night

Neil & Ro – Tues Night