Discovery Bible Studies

On Sunday 30th November we learnt about a great way of studying the bible called a Discovery Bible Study. If you enjoyed the process and wanted to find out some more – you can check out this article on Discovery Bible Studies.

There’s also some additional information from Dave.

Discovery Bible Study Process – some additional guidance (-DM)

1. Pray and ask the Holy Spirit to lead your discussion

2. Let the text speak, look carefully at the character interaction, locations, and descriptive words, to see what the passage means. The goal is a personal and group encounter with the Bible.

3. keep within the passage – try to understand this story as it stands, jumping around the Bible disempowers new believers from seeing themselves as DBS leaders

4. limit talk about great sermons you have heard or commentaries you have read – this may be good but can easily inhibit open honest personal encounter.

5. listen to other group members and look to allow all members to contribute.  You want to hear others real thoughts. 

6. facilitate – ask questions, avoid telling, if teaching is needed use this gift in bite sized pieces to allow digestion and interaction.

7. be prepared to state the obvious as this leads to further discussion.

8. Call people back to the Bible if the discussion wanders or if unusual ideas are offered.  For a link that may be real but you need more info on “Which part of the text sparked that idea? What was your chain of thought?”  or for a potential distraction:  “Which part of the passage prompted you to think that?”  or for a red herring: “Thanks for that idea, but can we hold that thought as we need to come back to the passage or we will run out of time” etc.

9. Questions about context, people, are usually answered by the Bible, look for the clues in the passage first before you draw on other sources of information.

10. Do not be worried about some silences as people read quietly at times to get a sense of the story.  Don’t fill silences with your answers. 

11. For non first language speakers it may help to write down the answers people are giving so all can see them as you go.