At Christmas we think of the birth of baby Jesus.

Angels, Wise Men and shepherds coming to see the child of so many promises. At Easter we jump to the other end of that baby’s life. A 33 yr old man arrested, tried, tortured, killed. Instead of angels we find darkness, instead of Wise Men we find cruel Roman soldiers, instead of adoring shepherds we find scattered followers.

But that’s not the end of the story! Of the 100 billion people who have walked the planet only one, Jesus, splits history (BC and AD). Jesus doesn’t split history because he died, but because he rose from the dead. Jesus has defeated our greatest enemy! Jesus has smashed death from the inside out!

Jesus has given birth to hope!

Come and join us this Easter to find out more about that hope.

Good Friday 3rd April
8:30am @ 7 Gray St Woonona

Dawn Service: Sunday 5th April
6am @ Sandon Pt, Bulli

Easter Sunday 5th April
8am & 9:30am @ 7 Gray St Woonona

Salt @ 6: Sunday 5th April
6pm @ 7 Gray St Woonona